Monday, February 16, 2009

Podcasts : Things I have Learned From Others

The first podcast I listened to was by Erica Sledge, Ashley Cleveland, and Shyane Fant. The title of this podcast is "Useful Web Sites For Elementary Teachers". One of the things I noticed right off is the amount of "ums" that were used. I know it is hard not to use this, but it really does not sound like you are prepared for your subject. I will try not to use any "filler" words and instead just pause to gather my thoughts. Another thing I noticed was that there really was no interaction between the three people talking. They each talked about the website that they found. I only noticed a few questions that were asked, mostly about the last website given. I think there needs to be some more interaction between the people involved. Even if you have a few questions written down, it makes the podcast flow better and seem more of an interview rather than just three people giving a report on three websites.

The second podcast that I listened to was by Theola Hines and Larrica Smith. The title of this podcast is "Facebook as an Educational Tool?" This podcast happened to be the first podcast from the Tuesday class. This one was more like a conversation between two people where one person knows the topic and the other asks questions about the topic. This is a better way, in my opinion, to do a podcast than the first one I listened to because it seems to have more information given about the topic. I did notice that Dr Strange interjected some comments into the conversation in the middle. Since it did seem as if the conversation was lagging, he may have thought it needed help to keep the conversation going.

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