Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter...tweet tweet!

In trying to learn Twitter, I have really had fun. I do find it difficult to "catch up" when I have been away for any length of time. I am trying to find more ways to check Twitter, like getting a phone that I can read and Tweet from! I have searched and followed a few different people and groups. The most interesting ones are the teachers. This is a neat way to get ideas and learn new things from others. The teachers I follow are people I would probably never have meet except through Twitter.

I have read different articles on the uses of Twitter. There have been a few that are very good and give detailed information.This one has an example of use in the classroom. The Horizon Project connects 5 classrooms by using Twitter. There are also a couple of articles on resources. I really liked the one titled "7 things you should know about Twitter". The article by The Wired Campus caught my attention because it mentions David Parry. He is an assistant professor of Emerging Media and Communications at UT Dallas. He, like Dr Strange, required his students to sigh up for Twitter and send messages each week. This Twitter thing seems to be everywhere!

I did read some articles on using Twitter, but I really learned how to use Twitter by doing. I have followed many different people and have a few that follow me. I have had conversations with others that I would not have meet except through Twitter. For me, learning is easier if I just do it. I love to read, and do so often, but sometimes the best way to learn something is to get in there and just do it. I explored the Twitter site and read the Help page. Dr. Strange put things on the class blog that I read, and comments from Mr. C. have also been helpful. I think everyone should give Twitter a try. It isn't for everyone, but it can be useful. You just have to try it and see where it might take you.

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  1. Very good! And you know that I recommend the iPhone!