Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All About Mary

To begin with my name is Mary Kathryn Davis. I am married to a wonderful man, Michael. We have 3 beautiful daughters, Kathleen, Kortney, and Sydney. No we will not be trying for a boy, we are quite satisfied with our girls. I am the oldest of 6. My siblings are in order as follows, Andrea (30), Matthew (28), Palmer (21), Sam (19), and Sarah (16). I have 2 sets of parents, my mom and (step)daddy and my dad and stepmother. I am very close to my mom and my grandmother. I am unable to see my family as often as I would like because they all live in Tennessee.

I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is a beautiful place to live. The mountains are beautiful, especially in the fall when the leaves change. I went to school in a tiny little town just north of Chattanooga called Ooltewah. In trying to pronounce it just leave out the "L" and try it Oo-te-wah. In HS we thought we were lucky to have a Hardees and a Waffle House in addition to our gas station.

We came to Mobile in 2000. My husband is a computer programmer for Evonik, and his job brought us here. He goes to the University of Mobile and will be finished with his Master's degree in 2010. This fall our oldest daughter will start school at the University of South Alabama. She will be in the first marching band that USA puts on the field. We are very excited about that. To be honest, I am more excited about the band than I am about the football team!

I do not travel much, though I would love to do more. I have been to Mexico 3 times on Youth Mission trips. I went to Marl, Recklinhausen, and Koln, Germany during Christmas of 2007. If you have never seen the Koln Dom in Koln, Germany you should. It is a very impressive medieval cathedral. As big as it is, it is just a miracle that it wasn't destroyed during WWII when most of the surrounding city was. If I was able to go anywhere in the world I wanted, I would want to go to Ireland and Scotland (being Scots-Irish) and Egypt. I have a love for Egyptian history and would love to see the places that I have read about.

I am very proud that my youngest brother, Sam, is serving our country in the US Marines. He will be shipping to Afganistan later this year. Being a marine is all he has ever wanted to do, and though it is hard for our family, I am glad that he is able to fulfill his dream. Remember that even if you do not agree with this war and our presence in the middle east, we should all support those men and women who are risking and losing their lives to provide us the freedom to agree or disagree with it.

I am sure that I have more to add, but that will have to wait until my class presentation!

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