Friday, January 30, 2009

Classroom Blogs in the United States

This blog is about blogging in the classroom. The first blog I found is the blog of Mr. Chamberlain. This is his classroom. You can find it here,Click Here . In this blog he allows the students to be part of the blog by using videos of the students doing and discussing subjects. He puts pictures of the class and things they do. It seems like a great resource with which to keep parents informed and to encourage the students to use the technology available to them. It also teaches them in a hands-on manner that I feel is important to learning.

The other blog that I found was done by a teacher on her vacation to Greece. She created this blog, Click Here, to allow her students a look at Greece. She had pictures and history about the places she visited. This kind of blog would be helpful to students in learning history. It gives them a sense of what and where their history lesson is coming from. You could also combine this type of blog with a reading or writing lesson. This type of blog would work well in a homeschool setting. Different homeschool groups could combine on lessons without having to meet at a central location.
 title=source:Janice Friesen

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  1. Thanks for the link to my blog and for the comment you left. The funny thing about the simple machines project was the sites I linked to had some conflicting information. The students that read only one of the sites had to go back and check with the other sites to make sure their information was correct. I guess they learned a valuable lesson about checking facts before they finish their work.
    Mr. C